24 August 2011

Birthday Shout-out, "reading list", and appeal for assistance

BIG UP a girl like Dellis pon she Burtday!!
This is my dearest friend FaydeLys:
An appropriate Birthday Picture because we are eating cake. Tbh, there were a few cake-eating photos to choose from.

She is very cool and very clever and 21 TODAY! Love you Caterpillar. Hope you are having the best day ever XO

Ok, now here is the list of things to read this week. You'll see that I've switched off my brain this week as a) there aren't many items on this list and b) they aren't very clever items.

1.) Best. Roommate. Ever.

A hilarious but very real advert on craigslist. I want to live with this guy, don't you? I'll be looking for a home soon too and might well steal this idea.

2.) Alexa Meade's Human Canvases

Less to read, more to look at. This is art. It is innovative, contemporary, and totally accessible. You don't need to be into art to be into these portraits.

3.) The Republicans' new voodoo economics

I often have a hard time understanding economics. But, as a politics major, it is kind of important that I at least have an idea of what is going on. This article looks at the changes in ideology of the GOP with regards to economics. I like it because it is simple and easy to understand and I read the whole thing I knew what it was on about. So really I'm showing you this just to brag that I know a teeny-tiny little bit about econ.

4.) Jack White on Restriction & Creativity

Being a rock star isn't just fun, it is a job. It is hard word. Jack White says that a good work ethic is the key to success, and the same is true for all jobs, not just cool musicians. The volume on this video is pretty low so jack up your speakers before you start it. ("jack up" ha ha, get it?... I'm a child)

Right, so finally, I need some help. I told you last week that I wanted to give you a weekly list of things to read. But that just sounds like homework. I'd really like a cool title/tagline for this weekly post and I'm having a hard time being witty on this one. Suggestions? Ideas? Inspiration? Really I just want to call it anything other than "reading list". You can comment below or catch me on Fb or Twitter. You have one week...GO!

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