About Roo

Welcome to All a Roo's!
At this Blog you will find a collection of silly things. 
I write about all sorts of random things. Mostly it is stuff I think is funny. 
Sometimes there are things that aren't so funny.
I try not to write about my personal life. But I write about things I see and do, so my life pokes its head in from time to time. Like in this post and this one

There should be three posts a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday:
a.) a review of an article/film/book/blog/etc
b.) something about food; cooking/eating/buying/craving
c.) something else random and hopefully fun
Sometimes I break the rules. That is what rules are for anyway.

There are a few things that define me (Roo) and therefore define much of the content of All a Roo's:
I studied politics. To be more specific, I studied International Politics.
I've lived in Barbados, the US and now I live in the UK. I am a person in perpetual motion. This mostly means that cultural references are all over the place.
I have the musical taste of my father.
I like adverts.
I like pigs. Mostly for eating. 
Mmm... Bacon.

I hope you find something entertaining at All a Roo's.
Please feel free to comment on the things you find here. Even if all you want to say is that it is total rubbish.
In fact, criticism is encouraged.
As is encouragement.

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