30 November 2011

God Bless Bim

Today is Barbados Independence Day! 

Our lovely little island became its very own nation state on November 30th 1966.  We didn't have a silly war or anything... we just asked politely like the decent folk we are. So today we mark the 45th anniversary of Independence. 45 might be middle-aged for human beings, but for a country I'm pretty certain its the equivalent of being a teenager. Which means we're still cool and fun; no back pain or arthritis.

To celebrate I'm bigging up some fabulous Bajan talent! Here's Cover Drive's Twilight. Nothing to do with vampires, don't worry.

I must say, Amanda is looking fairly sweet in this one. Boys looking nice too. Hope everyone is waving their blue and yellow today!

1 comment:

  1. You mean you can get independence just by asking? Why didn't we Americans think of that?

    "Hey England, can we become our own nation?"
    "Sure, why not?"

    Also, that mention of Twilight scared the hell out of me. You know that word's become cursed ever since those terrible books/movies came out.