21 October 2011

Roo gets a Facelift!

Hello and Happy Friday to all!

If you're a regular reader you'll have noticed that the blog has adopted a new look today. I felt I needed a little refreshing. I've been struggling for the last couple of weeks with giving Roo's a bit more direction. My posts have been getting less and less frequent but that's not for lack of ideas. I've been indecisive on what I really want this to all be about. The original idea was to write about nothing and everything. That sentiment is still there, but it needs some tuning. To be perfectly honest, I just need some sort of structure to stay on track. 
So I've done some thinking.

I had started doing Wednesday's "reading list" of cool stuff I find on the internet. I'm going to hold on to this idea, but deviate a little bit. I'll only give you one article/video/film/blog to look at each week. But I'll also include a more detailed review of it with some of my own opinions thrown in there.
I'll also be doing a weekly food-post. Some of my favourite posts I've done (and some of my most read) are the ones about food. Week to week this is going to vary: things I've cooked, things I've eaten, things I'd like to eat, whatever! Anything food-related to be honest.
My third post of the week will remain a wild-card. Anything random I want to share or rant about. I do so love ranting. Good for the soul. They wont be in any particular order; sometimes I'll do food on a Monday, sometimes it'll be Friday. CRAZY, I know.

So here's what I'm promising:
Three posts a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
One review, one food, one wildcard.
More pictures (I'm terrible at this).

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  1. Sounds great Steph, looking forward to it! Love the face lift :)