15 April 2012

Big Stupid Adventures

Many, many hours of my life have been spent on planes and trains and boats and cars; queuing in airports and waiting on platforms and sitting in traffic trying to get somewhere. Hey, I like travelling as much as the next person, but transport just makes me weary! However, in the last six months my life in transit has depressingly stalled. I haven't even seen a plane since September and I've hardly been outside of the city since January.

The result is that I'm now itching for a Big Stupid Adventure! Yeah, a plane home would be nice. But it is not enough. Months of sitting still have me longing for something like this:

Yep, Nike again. I'm just loving all of their marketing right now.

Adventure is what I'm craving but my bank account protests (loudly and rudely). For now, the best I can do is dream. So I've decided to start a new blog-series of all the Big Stupid Adventures I wish I was setting off on right now! Not making any promises on how regularly these will appear. But I've got plenty of stupid ideas to share.

#1: Around the World in 10 Days! I actually think this is a STUPID adventure. But hell, what an experience!  And made infinitely cooler with your best mate making a cool film along the way.

1 comment:

  1. Great blog series idea Steph, I'm all for big stupid adventures!! I absolutely LOVE that video, makes me want to pack my bags and go RIGHT now...forget money and obligations, all you need is love, right?